Broadcom Pays $164 Million for Renesas 4G Wireless Chip Unit

The unit includes a team of designers that originated at Nokia.
Scott McGregor Broadcom

HTC First’s Trip to Europe on Hold as Facebook Works to Improve Its Home

After a poor reception in the U.S., Facebook has asked France Telecom and its British joint venture not to start selling the Facebook Home-equipped device, at least for now.

Facebook’s Phone Also Coming to France Telecom-Orange, but First to AT&T

The European carrier plans to sell the HTC First in France and the United Kingdom

Apple Now a Bit Easier to Deal With, and Other Observations From France Telecom’s Straight-Talking CEO

At a dinner with reporters on Monday, Stephane Richard talks about the challenges facing Microsoft and BlackBerry in mobile, as well as his frustrations with European regulators.

What to Expect When You Are Expecting a Lot of News Out of Barcelona

AllThingsD’s annual guide to what all the major players are doing at Mobile World Congress.

Baidu Builds a Mobile Browser for Emerging Markets, and Gets Orange to Pre-Install It

Baidu and Orange are announcing today a mobile browser partnership designed to address users in Africa and the Middle East.

France Telecom Secures Itself to Lookout with Software Deal, Equity Stake

The French carrier will invest in the mobile security firm and offer its Android software standard in several European countries.

France Telecom Hopes a Texting and Calling App Puts It Over the Top

The French carrier is launching its own stab at an app that offers calling, texting and other services, regardless of which network one is on.

Intel’s Motorola Deal Starts to Bear Fruit; First Smartphones to Be Unveiled Next Month

The two companies have set a Sept. 18 event in London to show off the first Motorola Android phones running Intel processors.

Intel Finds a Russian MegaFon for Its Android Ambitions

A Russian carrier is the latest company to use Intel’s reference design as a way to offer up its own branded smartphone.