Pay Wall Operator Tinypass Grows, Raises $3 Million

The people who help Andrew Sullivan make money raise money of their own.
great wall

The New York Times Reports a Digital Success Story

That pay wall seems to be working.

A Ray of Light for the New York Times

In 2014.

News Corp. Puts Myspace on Double Secret Probation

That big Myspace relaunch we read about last week? That’s all fine and good. But the troubled Web property is a…really troubled Web property, its News Corp. parent stressed today. And it needs to get its act together before it gets kicked off campus.

Spotify's Real News: No News! But Big Bags of Cash Might Help

Spotify still doesn’t have a single deal with a U.S. music label, which makes it impossible to launch the service here. But a combination of compromise and cash could still get things done. And a pact with Sony is now “essentially signable.”

A Newspaper Pay Wall Goes Up–And So Do Visitor Numbers

The New York Times is getting ready to roll out a pay wall in January, and plenty of people fret that the paper will see its audience disappear when the gates go up. Here’s a counterargument: The Telegram & Gazette, which happens to be owned by the Times, and which has seen its traffic rise after its wall went up.

ABC iPad App’s Newest Feature: Twice as Many Ads

The TV networks have been unwilling or unable to run many ads with their online shows. But ABC is pushing to change that, starting with its popular app. Next up: More ads at, too.

NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Live at D8: There’s a Reason We’re Not Called National Public Radio Anymore

Radio was supposed to be gone by now–wiped out by iPods, on-demand streaming and an endless buffet of personalization options. But National Public Radio’s audience is bigger than ever. But CEO Vivian Schiller knows that traditional radio is indeed going away — she gives radio towers another 10 years, tops.

The New York Times Plans a Blogger-Friendly Pay Wall. Link All You Like!

Will the pay wall the New York Times is building scare away the paper’s natural allies–bloggers who like to point to the site? Only if the paper goes out of its way to scare them off. Instead, it’s trying its best to keep the links coming next year.

Whiskey Media's (And Former CNET CEO) Shelby Bonnie Talks Content and More!

Yesterday, BoomTown caught up with Shelby Bonnie, the former CEO of CNET who is now running Whiskey Media, the social publishing start-up. Sausalito, Calif.-based Whiskey is debuting its latest site today, called Screened, focused on video entertainment, which will combine both professional and user-generated content, much as its other four sites–Anime, Vice, Giant Bomb, Comic Vine and Tested–do. It’s yet another twist on the creation and distribution of content and another example of how quickly the publishing industry is changing.

Rolling Stone’s New Song: Money