My Bitcoin Bummer — World’s Virtual Currency Plummets in Price (Again)

My one bitcoin is less pretty than it was last week.

The Money Is in the Email

Square Cash lets users email cash directly from their debit card to anyone else’s. No login or password to remember, no special software or hardware required — you just use email.

Update: Xobni Price Paid by Yahoo Was $48 Million in Cash, Plus Possible Earn-Outs

Still not a big win, but not a total loss.

I’m Still Here: Stock Soars as Groupon Shows Stronger-Than-Expected Q1 Revenue

On the other hand, I could use a nice cup of hot growth.

Exclusive: PayPal Co-Founder Levchin Launches New Payments Startup, Affirm

He’s back, and this time the well-known entrepreneur wants to give you a digital charge card.

Square COO Keith Rabois Departs Company

The management did not add up.

In Another Onstage Interview, Groupon’s Andrew Mason Says Nothing (But Charmingly)

Shhhhhhh! Someone might be listening.

What Will Marissa Do?: Yahoo CEO Zeroes in on Search, While Her Ad Team Eyes Tech Upgrade Options

Free food and iPhones do not a turnaround make. Now it’s time for the hard part of remaking the Silicon Valley giant.