Lytro Raises $40 Million to Keep Its Dream of Changing Photography in Focus

The money from existing backers and new investor North Bridge Venture Partners will pave the way for a new generation of hardware, CEO Jason Rosenthal told AllThingsD.

Lytro Adds 3-D Viewing Capability to Its Living Images, Apple Online Store as Distributor

Lytro has been showing off 3-D as a potential feature since it first unveiled its technology more than two years ago.

With a Slew of Updates, Google+ Makes Its Photography Pitch

Everyone loves photos — and Google wants yours in its social network.

A New Touch for iPhone

Reliable fingerprint technology and a major system overhaul make the iPhone 5s the leader of the smartphone pack.

Is the Camera Phone Poised for a Comeback?

Hardware makers are starting to experiment with designs that put the camera front and center, even where it means adding cost and bulk.

News Byte

GhostBird Software Lands at Yahoo

Photography app developer GhostBird Software said today it had been acquired by Yahoo for an undisclosed sum and would be bringing its technology to the Flickr team. The company’s iOS apps, KitCam and PhotoForge2, have been pulled from Apple’s App Store, and no further updates are planned.


Kodak in Deal to Hand Units to U.K. Retirees

Eastman Kodak Co. reached a deal to turn over the camera-film business that helped make it a blue-chip company and other enterprises to U.K. retirees in exchange for wiping out pension obligations, said people familiar with the matter, in a deal that sets the stage for the onetime photography icon to emerge from bankruptcy proceedings later this year.


You Lookin’ at Me? Reflections on Google Glass.

The challenge for Glass is that the costs of ownership fall on people in proximity of the wearer, and that its benefits have yet to be proven out.

Hassle-Free Photo Books in One Couch Sitting

KeepShot App simplifies creating physical albums with an iPad on your lap, even in a cramped plane seat.

Northeast Winter Storm Kills Power for Some, Yields a Blizzard of Snow Pics

Hey everyone! It’s snowing!