Apple Issues Software Update for Spotty Wi-Fi on Some New MacBook Airs

So maybe it wasn’t your at-home router, after all.

Adobe Plans Big Shift to Cloud and Away From Packaged Software

New versions of products like Illustrator and Photoshop will come only via the company’s Creative Cloud subscription service.

Former MTV Exec Mika Salmi Thinks Live Online Education Is the Next Big Thing (Video)

It might have been the biggest MOOC ever when 150,000 people tuned in for a weeklong CreativeLive Photoshop course.

Facetune Photo Editing App Helps Retouch People’s Faces

Now you can give your selfies that special glow — and get rid of that awful pimple while you’re at it.

With New Features, Lytro Aims to Show Its Futuristic Camera Is No One-Trick Pony

With a software update, past and present photos can now be shown in three dimensions as well as be transformed with a variety of “living” filters.

Hurricane Sandy’s Instagram Moment, Minus the ’Shopped Shots

Separating the real from the ’shopped.

No, That Amazing Hurricane Sandy Photo Isn’t Real


Adobe’s Latest Creative Suite Floats Into the Cloud

Those expensive Adobe apps you love and need are now available in the cloud, for a reasonable subscription price.

Adobe Brings Photoshop Touch to iPad, Unveils iOS-Friendly Video Ad Platform

First Adobe killed Flash for mobile. Now it’s cozying up to iOS.

Adobe Brings Mobile Photoshop, Other Apps to Android Tablets

Photoshop Touch is one of six new apps that Adobe is releasing for Android tablets. It’s a bit of a win for Google, which has struggled to get apps written specifically for its large-screen devices.