PlayerLync, the NFL’s Favorite iPad App Maker, Raises Funding

Some 16 teams — including the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears — use PlayerLync’s iPad app to share and annotate digital playbooks and game film.


Head of BlackBerry’s PlayBook Tablet Is Leaving

David J. Smith has resigned, as the tablet is no longer supported.

BlackBerry Reports a Surprise Quarterly Loss, and Forecasts Another

Can this company recover?

BlackBerry’s Heins: Tablets Are Just Temporary in Mobile Evolution

“We continue to evaluate our tablet strategy, but we are not making any shifts in that strategy in the short term.”

BlackBerry CEO: PlayBook Update Coming, Vague on Future Tablet Plans

A software update should bring BB10 to existing PlayBooks, but the company is still figuring out its next steps in the tablet business.

Will BlackBerry 10 Be Another PlayBook?

“We don’t believe that BB10 will offer anything more than the existing options. In fact, we expect most reviews of BB10 to confirm that it offers less.”

Interview: RIM’s Marketing Chief on Why BlackBerry 10 Is No “Me-Too” Product

Despite missing the holidays entirely, RIM executive Frank Boulben said the new BlackBerry will shake up the mobile space because of the fresh approach it brings to the market.

RIM Urges Developers to Hang On for BlackBerry 10

RIM once again seeks the continued faith and patience of developers, despite the company’s declining fortunes and delays in its next-generation operating system.

What Will Marissa Do?: Yahoo CEO Zeroes in on Search, While Her Ad Team Eyes Tech Upgrade Options

Free food and iPhones do not a turnaround make. Now it’s time for the hard part of remaking the Silicon Valley giant.

News Byte

RIM’s 4G LTE PlayBook to Launch in Canada August 9; Available in U.S. in “Coming Months”

“Later this year” has finally arrived … sort of. Research In Motion announced this morning that its 32 gigabyte, 4G LTE-equipped PlayBook tablet, running BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2 software, will be available through Canadian wireless providers on Aug. 9. No word from RIM on exact price — or on when the device will launch in the U.S., aside from the promise that it will be available in the “coming months.”

RIM Earnings: Oh, the Humanity!

RIM Blows It Again