Yahoo Redux: HP Says “All Hands on Deck” Needed, Requiring Most Employees to Work at the Office (Memo)

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As Immigration Reform Bill Heads to the Senate Floor, the ZuckerPAC Gets a Win

In a small victory for Mark Zuckerberg’s political group, a bill that could greatly benefit tech company talent-seekers makes it through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Please Welcome Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, Brad Smith and Sean Parker to the ZuckerPAC

Mark Zuckerberg brings more of his powerful friends to the roster of his political advocacy group inside the Beltway.

Better Late Than Never: Yahoo’s Mayer Finally Talks About Telecommuting Kerfuffle

New CEO rule learned: It’s not what you say, but how you say it.

Some More Inconvenient Truths (Including Spider Goats): Al Gore Talks About “The Future” at SXSW

Live from Austin, Texas, it’s the man who brought you the Internet. (Really, he did, along with others.)

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Survey Says: Despite Yahoo Ban, Most Tech Companies Support Work-From-Home for Employees

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