Haiku Deck Expands Its Anti-PowerPoint Presentation App to the Web

Haiku Deck’s PowerPoint and Keynote alternative is now available as a free Web app.
Haiku Deck Web App 2 - Themes

Apps Raise the iPad’s Aptitude for Real Work

iPads and other tablets are being used every day for productivity tasks once reserved for laptops. Walt Mossberg looks at apps that attempt to emulate the features of Office.

A Fresh New Office Finds a Place in the Cloud

Microsoft’s newest version of Office is a radical change from previous versions. It’s more closely tied to the cloud and has a surprising new price model.

Seven Questions for Google Enterprise Chief Amit Singh

Is Google Apps finally mainstream yet?

Argentina-Based Wideo Wants You to Ditch PowerPoint and Make a Cartoon Instead

Animation for dummies (or at least for anyone who’s sick of slide-heavy presentations).

Presentations in Poetic Motion

Presentations can be incredibly dull. Haiku Deck looks to add a little spice to them.

Mary Meeker Explains Internet 2012 in 17 Minutes: The Full D10 Interview (Video)

We usually ban PowerPoints at the D: All Things Digital conference. But not this one.

Google Acquires Quickoffice for Mobile Productivity Apps

Another acquisition for Google, this time with a mobile focus.

Leave the Gun. Take the Cannoli: It’s Ring-Kissing Time for Ross at Yahoo’s All-Hands Meeting.

I’m gonna make you an interim CEO offer you can’t refuse.

The Writing on the Tablet

Walt answers a reader’s question on taking notes on tablets.

Microsoft Office on iPad

Live from Facebook's Email Messages Launch

Geek, We Hope This Isn't Your Life.