In Lawsuit, U.S. May Have to Prove Why It Needs Phone Records Collection Program

A judge challenges the government to prove that investigators have used it to fend off imminent terrorist attacks.

Requests for Google User Account Info by Governments Are on the Rise

Requests worldwide have nearly doubled since 2010, data shows.

What the NSA Might Have Wanted to Learn From Tracking Your Phone

A mobile phone’s location is a rich trove of useful data, so it’s no wonder that the spy agency experimented with it.

Guardian Editors Debate a Former NSA Lawyer on PRISM, Snowden and Surveillance

No one’s views really changed, but it was an enlightening talk.

China Is Not Investigating IBM, Oracle and EMC, Even as Tensions Increase

AllThingsD was wrong.


NSA Chief Keith Alexander Speaks About PRISM at Black Hat

Says it was a vital tool in thwarting 54 terrorist attacks worldwide.


PRISM Anxiety Disorder (Comic)

Here is the latest comic from our Joy of Tech friends at Geek Culture, Nitrozac and Snaggy. Joy of Tech appears three times a week in the Voices section of this site.

Secretive FISA Court Sides With Yahoo Over Disclosure of 2008 PRISM Case

Documents will show how the Internet company objected to PRISM.

EU Commissioner: We Don’t Want U.S. Reading Our Mail and Listening to Our Phone Calls

The NSA spying scandal could help pave the way for even stronger privacy laws in Europe, where regulations are already stronger than in the U.S.

Washington Post Reveals New Details, Slides on PRISM Data Collection Program

More information on the ongoing NSA data collection program.

A Jony Ive WWDC (Comic)