As AllThingsD Draws to a Close, Here Are Some Staff Highlights — Part One: Kafka, Hesseldahl, Gannes

How can you miss us if we won’t go away?

Viki Strikes Deal With Baidu to Bring Crowd-Translated Programming to China

“Hulu for the rest of the world” enters a big market.

15 Million Students Learned to Program This Week, Thanks to Hour of Code

In’s estimation, Hour of Code has reached twice as many U.S. students as have ever taken a computer science class.

AllThingsD Week in Review: BlackBerry Is Just Resting, and YouTube Goes Mobile First

The Top 10 stories that powered AllThingsD this week, in one convenient post.


Dish, Disney Reach Short-Term Deal

Dish Network Corp. struck a short-term deal that will allow the satellite TV provider to continue to carry media giant Walt Disney Co.’s TV programming, a pact that for now avoids a blackout for channels like ABC and ESPN.

Intel Futurist Shows How You’ll Download and Program Your Own Robot Next Year

Want a robot? Next year you may be able to download one.


Time Warner Cable Proposes End to CBS Blackout

Time Warner Cable proposed an end to the three-day old blackout of CBS on the cable operator’s TV channel lineup, offering two possible solutions to resolve the stalemate.

Yahoo Q2 Earnings Call: The Marissa and Ken Show, Now in Living Color

Hiyo, if you will, for the Internet age.


Hulu Bids Depend on TV-Show Rights

The big media companies that created Hulu endowed the online video provider with arguably its most valuable asset: Access to the current seasons of hit network-TV shows.

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