ATD Week in Review: The Brin-Wojcicki Split and Apple’s iPhone Trade-In

The week in AllThingsD, in one convenient post. You’re welcome!

Before the Apple Television, a TV Remote Control?

There were about 360 million TVs in North America at the close of 2011. That’s a massive addressable market.

TelyHD Adds AirPlay, Remote Control App

TelyHD, a device that enables video chat on your TV, is morphing into a multipurpose gadget.


Four Weird Things the Internet Is Doing to Our Understanding of Television

People seem really intent these days on fusing television with the Internet. On one level this makes no sense.


With Siri TV, Apple Will Dismantle the TV Networks

Though it’s currently only embedded in the new iPhone 4S, Siri could eventually change the face of the TV industry.

Meet Kid Robot, Kibot: The Full AsiaD Demo (Video)

It looks like a monkey, whose nose is an RFID reader, stomach is a control panel and ears are the navigational buttons. Would that my kids were that easy to control.

Converting Cassettes to CDs

Walt answers readers’ questions on converting cassette tapes to CDs using a computer, tablets vs. netbooks, and more.


NEC's New Remote Control: The Human Arm

Many stressed workers and maybe even one or two looking for marriage partners, pound the well-trod circuit around Toyko’s Imperial Palace Gardens each day with earphones funneling music to match the mood. But as any jogger can tell you, reaching for the portable music player to press pause, or fast forward to the next track mid-stride can be tricky, or even embarrassingly uncool.


Cisco Drops Price of Home Video-Calling System

Cisco Systems has cut the price of its umi video-calling system for consumers, a flashy offering released in October to great fanfare–and widespread criticism about how much it cost. The network-equipment giant on Monday said it is reducing the price of the existing umi system to $499 from $599, and introduced a $399 version with reduced high-definition resolution that requires a slower Internet connection.

A ‘Pear’ Gives Apple Devices an Easy Way to Control TVs

Walt reviews the Peel universal control, which lets iPhone and iPod Touch users turn their devices into TV remotes