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New Intel CEO Says Intel TV Sounds Great in Theory. But …

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Foxconn Flop Fuels iPhone Fears

Biggest revenue decline in over a decade.

Going Native

The ultimate native ads are the glossy fashion ads in Vogue: in most cases, they’re better than the editorial, and as a result, readers spend as much time with the ads — if not more — as they do with the edit.

Felix Salmon, writing about the potential of native advertising on the Web

Here’s a Marissa Mayer M&A Candidate You Haven’t Heard Of

Grab Media, a video distribution company. Tim Armstrong bought one in 2010, and that worked well for him and AOL.

My Name Is: _______

Anonymity and pseudonymity are perfectly reasonable under some situations. But there are cases where in the transactions both parties really need to know who are we talking to. So what I’m looking for is not that we shut down anonymity, but rather that we offer an option when needed that can strongly authenticate who the parties are.

Vint Cerf, in an interview with Reuters

What Exactly Happened at Autonomy?