Yahoo’s Ad Platform Is in Limbo, but Right Media Dude Brian Silver Is Moving Forward (Video)

He got the job in January and it’s been a wild ride since.

It’s Official: Yahoo Lays Off 2,000 Employees — 14 Percent of Workforce

CEO Scott Thompson promises that Yahoo, after staff cuts of 14 percent of the entire workforce, will be “smaller, nimbler, more profitable and better equipped to innovate as fast as our customers and our industry require.”

Yahoo’s Layoffs Tomorrow Morning of up to 2,000 Will Only Be the First Move of a Larger Purge to Come

A dark day will probably dawn by tomorrow in Sunnyvale.

To Stanch Layoffs, Yahoo Has Been Shopping Its Ad Technology Platforms to Google, Microsoft and Others

There’s always yet another wacky money-making scheme on the horizon at Yahoo!


The “Mad Men” Years Are Giving Way to the “Math Men” Era

I love the “Mad Men” version of the ad business. The storytelling. The simplicity. The glasses of scotch at 10 am. But these days in digital, it feels like the Math Men media buyers (with their terabytes of data) are taking over for the Mad Men creatives.

Liveblogging Yahoo's Q1 Earnings Call: Get Me to Funky Town

MicroHoo is funky! At least according to Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz on the Silicon Valley search giant’s first-quarter earnings conference call about its recent financial performance. Yahoo’s results showed a continued worrisome revenue growth stall, due in large part to a search advertising fall-off, and a still-turning turnaround.

The Ad Tech Boom, Explained

And parodied. Because in this case, “We provide scalable advertising solutions to integrated demand-side platforms that deliver serious ROI” is a joke. But normally, it isn’t.

Exclusive: Google Buys Invite Media

Google has indeed bought ad technology start-up Invite Media, I’ve confirmed with multiple sources. As I wrote last month, Invite is a three-year-old “demand-side platform” designed to help buyers navigate high-volume display-advertising exchanges–like the one Google launched last year.

Yahoo Display Ad Boss Bill Wise Lands at MediaBank

Yahoo veteran Bill Wise, who left his job running the Web giant’s display ad platform unit this spring, has a new gig: He’ll be CEO of MediaBank, a Chicago-based ad technology company.

CBS Tells Ad Networks It’s Going Cold Turkey

CBS says it will stop doing business with ad networks, which are ubiquitous on the Web, and will offer access to its audience of 60 million unique visitors solely via its own salesforce. The company is one of a handful of big publishers trying to force buyers to pay more for its stuff. Clever or quixotic?

Here Comes the Google Ad Exchange

OpenX Closes $10 Million Round

Yahoo: The Parts of Its Sum?