Confirmed: Facebook Not in Search Talks With Yahoo

Relax, Google. It was all a bunch of sound and fury.

Yahoo and Facebook Not in Search Alliance Discussions

Um, no.

News Byte

Another Day, Another RIM Sale Rumor

Here comes another rumor about Research In Motion — this time, selling off its struggling handset unit to any variety of possible buyers for all or part of the famed BlackBerry, including Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. The latest version comes from the Sunday Times, which said that such a consideration is part of an overall strategic review by the beleaguered Canadian company that will be concluded in July. Before that, though, expect financial news — likely bad — this week, when RIM announces its first-quarter earnings.


Despite Crackdowns, Sina Still Winning the Weibo Game

Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo may be in the midst of its most aggressive crackdown yet following an explosion of political rumors among users, but it is still beating Tencent in the microblogging race in China, according to a McKinsey & Co. report released this week.

Wielding a Sword of Damocles, Yahoo’s Asian Partners Await Answer on Yet Another Proposal to Buy Back Shares

While last week’s swirl around an Alibaba takeover of Yahoo were overhyped and premature, a lot of what will happen depends on negotiations to settle a longtime asset dispute.

Yahoo Stock Gets Gaslit by Bidders Dangling Phantom $20-a-Share Bid

There is no $20 bid for Yahoo today. So why was it suddenly news? Time to blame Wall Street again.

Yahoo Shares Melt as Rumors Collide (Plus, I Add Another Log to the Fire)

The Hamlet of Internet companies asks: To be or not to be? That is the question. Or maybe something else.

Only One Yahoo Fearless Leader Note This Week: Please Ignore the Unignorable Rumors!

Here’s the weekly internal management email from the Silicon Valley Internet giant (just because I can).

October. Oc … to … ber. Repeat After Me: Apple iPhone 5 to Launch in October.

Dear Everyone: Chillax, because, as we said, you’ll have to wait until October.

Verizon iPhone: What, AT&T Worry?