Supreme Court Won’t Review N.Y. Sales-Tax Law For Online Retailers

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday left in place a 2008 New York state law aimed at collecting millions in sales taxes from online purchases by state residents, rejecting a legal challenge by online retail giant Amazon.com Inc.


Amazon Asks Supreme Court to Decide Sales Tax Fight

Amazon.com is taking a fight over sales tax in the state of New York to the U.S. Supreme Court. Exactly why is a little unclear.

eBay’s Donahoe: “We’re Not Against an Internet Sales Tax”

John Donahoe, CEO of eBay, has his doubts about the Marketplace Fairness Act.


Internet Sales Tax Bill Proceeds in Senate

The Senate on Monday voted to move ahead with a bill that could effectively end tax-free online shopping in most states, overcoming last-minute lobbying against the measure by antitax conservatives, online businesses and other critics.


eBay Asks Users to Fight National Sales Tax Bill

eBay Inc. is trying to enlist its users in a fight against a national online sales tax bill.


Reid Seeks to Expedite Online Sales Tax Bill

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is setting up online sales tax legislation for a possible vote on the Senate floor after the chamber completes work on gun legislation.


Amazon’s Tax Dispute May Be Destined for the Supreme Court

One of the less-remembered legacies of Eliot Spitzer’s governorship was the “Amazon tax.”

News Byte

Senate Vote Shows Support for Internet Sales Tax

The U.S. Senate on Friday previewed how it might vote on legislation that would make online retailers pay out-of-state sales tax. Senators voted 75-24 for a non-binding amendment to budget plans, as a way to test support for the proposed Marketplace Fairness Act.

eBay Contends That Sales Tax Proposal Will Hurt Small Businesses

EBay is against a bill that would require more online retailers, like Amazon, to pay local taxes.

Amazon’s Love Note to Senate Backs Sales-Tax Proposal

Amazon thanked the U.S. Senate today for a proposal that could put to rest the company’s long-standing sales-tax issues.

Spare Change for Amazon Shares?