What Might It Look Like if Siri Drove a Car? Meet Steeri. (Video)

A new parody video introduces Steeri, a humorous look at what might happen if the iPhone’s virtual assistant were given the keys to a car.


10 Things I Want From My iWatch

First off, it would know when I go to bed without me telling it.


How $10 Million Can Lose You $250 Million

Mobile is the connective tissue that binds together all marketing efforts.

Apple Acquires Cue, the Now-Shuttered Personal Assistant App

The purchase price is said to be upward of $40 million, sources said, though that may include earnouts or other incentive pay.

Quixey Lands Another $50 Million, Led by Alibaba, to Push Beyond App Discovery

The company will use the added cash as part of its bid to go from searching for apps to searching within apps.

How Can You Undo an Upgrade to Apple’s New iOS 7?

Walt answers a reader’s question on how to undo an upgrade to Apple’s new iOS 7.

Police in New York Really Want You to Download iOS 7

New York’s finest like the iPhone’s Activation Lock feature.

Intel Sociologist Says the Love Affair Between Us and Our Gadgets Is Turning Into a Real Relationship

In an interview, Genevieve Bell says that what was once a series of interactions between man and machine is in the process of morphing into a real relationship. Siri is just the beginning.
Genevieve Bell Intel horizontal-feature

Morgenthaler Ventures’ Internet Partners Rebrand as Canvas Venture Fund

The Internet investors from Morgenthaler Ventures would like a fresh start, please.
Gary Little, Rebecca Lynn, and Gary Morgenthaler

How Does the Moto X Stack Up Against Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S4?

A breakdown of the Moto X, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, by the numbers. (Only you can decide how it “feels in the hand”.)

Siri vs. Google Now (Comic)