How Too Many SMS Messages Can Shut Down Your Nexus Phone

A special kind of text message sent in large numbers amounts to a denial-of-service attack on Google Nexus phones.

BlackBerry’s Thorsten Heins Stands to Make Up to $22 Million Upon Exit

Not the payout he was looking for, but still respectable.

Rockstar Patent Consortium Sues Google, and Practically Everyone Making Android Phones

The patent wars just got a lot more complicated.

Magisto Lands $13 Million Investment for Polished Home Movies on Your Phone

Pushing back against raw video.

Apple’s Safari Made Up Most Mobile Browser Traffic in Q2

Safari wins, but not in all cases.

IndoorAtlas Aims to Use Magnetic Fields to Map the Insides of Buildings

No new infrastructure required. Just a bit of walking.

Druva, a Data Protection Platform, Lands $25 Million Series C

Protecting and tracking corporate data wherever it goes.

What the NSA Might Have Wanted to Learn From Tracking Your Phone

A mobile phone’s location is a rich trove of useful data, so it’s no wonder that the spy agency experimented with it.

Teardown Shows iPhone 5S Costs at Least $199 to Build, $173 for the 5C

Also they’re almost — but not quite — the same inside.

Intel Futurist Shows How You’ll Download and Program Your Own Robot Next Year

Want a robot? Next year you may be able to download one.