Anti-NSA Surveillance Protests Gain Traction on Independence Day

The Web doesn’t like PRISM, and thousands let the government know as much at the online “Restore the Fourth” protests on Thursday.


Anti-NSA Web Protest Planned for July 4

On July 4, a coalition of Internet activists is planning to protest National Security Agency surveillance with a campaign designed to splash the text of the Fourth Amendment (which protects against “unreasonable searches”) across thousands of sites.

Pro-SOPA Judiciary Head Calls for U.S. Copyright Law Revamp

Noting massive changes in technology, Rep. Bob Goodlatte said he wanted to evaluate whether copyright law is still working in the digital age.

Big Music Says Google Isn’t Cracking Down on Pirate Sites, After All

Avast! Plenty of copyright problems in search results, says the RIAA.

Happy Internet Freedom Day, Y’all

It’s the first anniversary of the online protests against SOPA and PIPA.

Demand A Plan: Tech Leaders Sign On to Mayors’ Effort to End Gun Violence

Will social media help an effort to ensure gun safety?

Former Yahoo Exec Blake Irving Named CEO of Domain Giant Go Daddy

Another new leader for the Web registration giant.

ACTA Vote Tomorrow: Copyright Law Looks Dead, but It Won’t Lie Down

ACTA, the proposed anti-counterfeit treaty, is up for vote in European Parliament tomorrow.

WordPress, Reddit, Cheezburger and Others Join New Internet Defense League

In an effort to harness the kind of energy and determination that shot down SOPA/PIPA, online activists have founded a group that will alert the world to potential threats to Internet freedom.



With SOPA and PIPA out of the picture, it seemed like digital privacy was less threatened. Then along came the new cybersecurity bill on the block, CISPA.

Netflix Says Its PAC Is Not About SOPA

Jack Dorsey: Twitter’s Not Really Social

Viral Graphic: A World Without Wikipedia