Is Ford’s Alan Mulally Now in the Lead to Be New CEO of Microsoft?

Can the car maker fix what ails the tech giant?

Even If He’s Not at Apple Event, Steve Jobs Sure Knows How to Put on a Show

Remember: Anything can happen. Anything can be.

Yahoo Bored Meeting? Not This Time!

Today and tomorrow, Yahoo’s directors are gathering here in Silicon Valley for one of their regular meetings that take place over the course of the year. While board meetings in general are usually pretty dull affairs–and Yahoo’s, in particular, are typically glacial ones–there is a lot on the plates of those with purview over the machinations of the long-struggling Silicon Valley Internet giant.

Rackspace Is Not for Sale, but Thanks for Asking

Rackspace is one of several companies thought to be likely acquisition targets following the buyouts of Terremark and NaviSite. Ask CEO Lanham Napier about it, and he insists the company is not for sale, but he clearly enjoys being asked.

Verizon iPhone Lines Inversely Proportional to Verizon iPhone Rumors

After the nearly interminable buildup to the iPhone’s launch on Verizon–the years of anticipation, rumors and speculation–you’d think eager buyers would be camping out in front of their local Apple Store and that Verizon stores would literally be overrun with frustrated AT&T iPhone users looking for relief. But evidently that’s not the case.

Apple Using Cash to Secure Cache of Components

Asked last October about Apple’s plans for the nearly $60 billion in cash it had on hand, CEO Steve Jobs suggested the company intended to allocate some to future big-ticket purchases. But was he talking companies or components?

Apple Shares Down, but for How Long?

No big surprise here: Apple’s stock is slipping this morning following news that CEO Steve Jobs is taking another medical leave of absence. The company’s shares dropped some 6.5 percent this morning as the market mulled Jobs’s health issues and the potential timing of his return to the company. But how long they stay that way is up for debate.

Steve Jobs’s Finest Product–Apple–Won’t Break Down

It’s been said that Steve Jobs is Apple’s greatest asset and its greatest risk. And there’s no better illustration of that dictum than recent history. The last time Jobs went on medical leave in January of 2009, Apple shares tanked, falling some eight percent to $78.50. But in the months that followed, they rose more than 50 percent, despite continued concerns over his health.

Steve Jobs’s Absence Won’t Derail Apple, but His Presence Still Key Factor in the Company’s Success

With Steve Jobs taking another medical leave from Apple, expect all manner of predictions on what this means for the company’s products. While his leave is unlikely to derail the next iPad or iPhone, it’s a mistake to underestimate the role that Jobs plays at Apple.

See What You've Done, Steve?