Done Deal: SoftBank Now Firmly in Control of Sprint

With Dish out of the running, and shareholders and regulators having given their blessing, the Japanese company now holds a majority stake in the No. 3 U.S. carrier.


Japan’s SoftBank Gets FCC Approval for Sprint, Clearwire Acquisitions

SoftBank Corp.’s three-way merger with Sprint Nextel Corp.and Clearwire Corp. won final approval from U.S. regulators on Wednesday with unanimous backing from the Federal Communications Commission, people familiar with the matter said.


After Sprint, Dish Can’t Give Up the Chase

Having called off its bids for Sprint Nextel and Clearwire, the satellite-television operator is at a crossroads.

Dish Network Withdraws Offer for Clearwire

Charlie Ergen throws in the towel. Again.


Dish May Cast a Wider Net

Having abandoned efforts to buy Sprint Nextel, Dish Network’s next move may be to resurrect merger talks with satellite rival DirecTV or re-engage wireless carrier T-Mobile


SoftBank’s CEO Boasts at Shareholder Meeting

SoftBank Corp.’s chief executive took a moment to bask in the glow of his all-but-certain acquisition of both Sprint Nextel Corp. and its prized asset Clearwire, telling investors he will now try to create the world’s largest company.

Dish Drops Out of the Bidding for Sprint

Dish said the “extreme deal protections” included in Sprint’s revised pact with SoftBank made a counterbid impossible.


Sprint Files Lawsuit Against Dish, Clearwire to Block Tender Offer

Sprint Nextel Corp. has filed a lawsuit against Dish Network Corp. and Clearwire Corp. in an effort to block the satellite-TV provider’s tender offer for Clearwire.


Clearwire Committee to Back Dish’s Offer, Delay Sprint Vote

A special committee of Clearwire Corp.’s board is planning to push back a Thursday shareholder vote and recommend the full board endorse a tender offer from Dish Network Corp., according to a person familiar with the situation, a move that would shun an earlier takeover agreement with majority owner Sprint Nextel Corp.


Ergen Keeps Rivals Guessing

Charles Ergen’s maneuvering just cost rival SoftBank Corp. $1.5 billion by forcing it to raise its offer for Sprint Nextel Corp. But the question remains, is that a victory for the Dish Network Corp. chairman, or a defeat?