Time Inc. Makes a New Pitch to iPad Shoppers: Try Us Before You Buy Us

The world’s biggest publisher tries to grow its digital subscription base, using new technology and a time-tested pitch.


Adobe Q2 Profit Down 66 Percent as Expenses Rise

Adobe Systems Inc.’s fiscal second-quarter earnings fell 66 percent as the software company recorded weaker product sales and higher operating expenses, through subscriptions for creative services continued to strengthen.

Google Chrome: 750 Million Active Users, Synchronized Web and Mobile Browsing

Not surprisingly, users of the Google Chrome Web browser are increasingly coming from mobile devices.

Hearst Gets Its Million Digital Subscribers

A few months behind schedule. But who’s counting? (Besides us.)


Pushing Editorial Into World of Apps

The small startup 29th Street Publishing is quietly trying to revolutionize magazine publishing, one app at a time.

Why Google Thinks Two Music Subscription Services Are Better Than None

Only a Googler could explain why Android and YouTube are talking about launching separate music services. But we can guess.

ShoeDazzle Hoping to Woo Back Customers With New Subscription Offer

Next month, the Los Angeles-based company plans to give the subscription business one last shot.

Absolutely, Positively Not a Netflix-Killer: AT&T Launches Its Own Video Subscription Service

$5 a month gets you … “Rudy.”

Spotify Stops Selling Downloads

They won’t be missed. Especially in the U.S., where the company hasn’t bothered to sell them in the first place.

Why Did the Web Miss Out on Al Jazeera?

If Web video is the future, how do you explain yesterday’s $500 million bet on TV?

Why an Apple TV Is Not an iPhone

Time Inc. Droops Again