Nest Fires Back in Honeywell Suit, Brings Apple Chief Legal Counsel on Board

Start-up Nest, maker of a thermostat that Honeywell has alleged infringes on its patents, is fighting back against the industrials giant.

Rethinking How to Sell Women’s Clothes, This Time With Bra Sizes

Quincy Apparel, a New York start-up founded by two Harvard Business School grads, is attempting to change the way women shop for clothes — by asking for their bra size.


Samsung Fires Back at Apple iPhone 4S

Samsung Electronics Co. said it is seeking to stop the sale of Apple Inc.’s new iPhone 4S in Japan and Australia, further ramping up a legal clash with the U.S. company after a series of setbacks in courts around the world in recent days.

President Obama’s LinkedIn Town Hall: The Other Silicon Valley Jobs Event

Here’s an idea to get more jobs for the citizens of the U.S.of A.: Fantastic high-speed wireless access!

Bring in the Suits: Yahoo Hiring Strategic Advisers to Plot Next Moves

Maybe someone can finally answer the perennial AllThingsD stumper: What is Yahoo?


The Facebook Lawsuit: A Look at the Documents

So, remember last year when that guy came out of nowhere and sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, claiming he owned 84 percent of the social-networking company? Well, he’s back. And he has emails.

Nokia to Apple: From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee

Nokia’s obsession with Apple has officially crossed over into the Ahabian. Aghast at the U.S. International Trade Commission’s ruling on its first complaint against Apple, Nokia has filed a second, accusing Apple of infringing its patents “in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, tablets, and computers.”

Viral Video: Julian Assange Is a Samantha (But a Charlotte to the Swedish Police)

How much are we loving these Julian Assange spoofs on “Saturday Night Live”? Here–a day late–is the WikiLeaks leader commenting on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg recently beating him out for Time magazine’s Person of the Year.


Big Patent Firm Sues Nine Tech Firms

Intellectual Ventures LLC, which has spent a decade buying and filing for patents, named nine big technology companies as defendants in its first-ever infringement suits. The closely held firm was co-founded by former Microsoft Corp. chief technology officer Nathan Myhrvold, who had avoided litigation for years but never ruled it out.


Analysis: The HP Suit Against Mark Hurd

Hewlett-Packard is suing former CEO Mark Hurd, alleging breach of contract and threatened misappropriation of trade secrets, a day after he was named co-president of rival Oracle. Here is a look at some of the most salient points in the suit.

VirnetX Sues Microsoft a Second Time

To Kai-Fu Lee, Thanks for Everything

Former Motorola CFO a WHSTL BLWR

Sony's Assaultin' Battery

Dude, You're Getting a Lawsuit