Why Larry Ellison and Michael Dell Are Now the Best of Friends

Friendship has its benefits.

Oracle CEO Ellison Promises “Startling” Cloud News Next Week

Making nicer with Salesforce and Microsoft? This should be interesting.

Oracle Obtains Judgment in Gray Market Case

Don’t mess with Larry.


Dell Expands Alliance With Oracle

Dell Inc. unveiled an expanded global alliance with Oracle Corp. in which the companies will offer business products that combine Dell’s hardware and Oracle’s software.

ForgeRock, an Identity Manager, Lands $15 Million Series B

Who knew keeping track of sign-in credentials was such a big business?


Oracle Overhauls Server Line

Oracle Corp. has yet to reap much benefit from its $7.4 billion purchase of Sun Microsystems, but Larry Ellison sees relief ahead from some speedy new chips and the computers that use them.

Oracle’s Sales Fall, Shares Rise: It’s an Upside-Down World

After a surprising sales miss and so-so profits, Oracle shares are soaring today. What gives? The cloud, for one thing.

Google: No Paid Bloggers Here, Your Honor

Oracle has one it disclosed months ago. Google says there’s nothing to disclose.

Judge Orders Google and Oracle to Disclose Who They Paid to Write About Java Trial

The companies have 10 days to say who, if anyone, they paid to write.

What Happens Now in the HP-Oracle Lawsuit Over Itanium?

Oracle lost in court fair and square. And though it plans to appeal, both it and Hewlett-Packard have bigger problems to deal with.