People Are More Freaked Out by Hacking Than Tracking, Survey Finds

Of course, the computer industry is well served by seeing one the fears of its main business models pale in comparison to the threat of evil hackers.

Will Microsoft Name Its CEO Before the New Year? Weary Employees Hope for Even Sooner. (Poll)

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth — and a new leader.

Tech Execs See a Dealmaking Surge in 2014 — Maybe

Also: More “acqhire” deals.

Most Businesses Probably Had a Mobile Security Incident in the Past Year

Also, more than half of IT pros see Android as the platform “posing the greatest security risk.”

BlackBerry Tops iPhone and Android … In a “Don’t Want” Poll

Which smartphone are you adamantly opposed to using?

Who’s Paying Aereo to Watch Free TV?

Survey says! Probably not a normal, but an edge case of one sort or another.

YESS: Yahoo HR Exec Loses Mayer’s Survey Contest, Gangnam Style

But not so Oppa GS: A stock downgrade.

Computer Potatoes: Black Friday Online Shopping Crosses $1 Billion in 2012

First billion-dollar Black Friday online.

Mobile Thursday? Smartphone Shopping Is Still Tiny, But It’s This Year’s Big Online Buzzword.

This year’s questionable anecdotal meme: Apple iPads go well with pumpkin pie.

Twitter Rolls Out Surveys — And Reminds Us Why It Cares About “Consistent User Experiences”

A new tool for advertisers. And a hint at what Twitter plans to do with the real estate it’s so intent on controlling.