Malware Attacks by Syrian Pro-Government Hackers Are on the Rise

The Syrian Electronic Army isn’t the only pro-Assad group using hacking attacks.

Chinese Hackers Used Fake Syrian News and Carla Bruni Pics to Attack Foreign Embassies

Another reason to be careful what you click.


Justice Department Investigating Dell Sales to Syria

The U.S. Department of Justice has been investigating possible sales of Dell computers to the Syrian government, the company said in documents released Monday.

Never Mind, Iran: Facebook and Twitter Are Blocked Again

A technical glitch, not a change in attitude.

How the Attack on NY Times and Twitter Domains Could Have Been Worse

Look at all these unlocked domain names.

Syrian Electronic Army Says Attack on New York Times Is Over

“It was worth the attempt for world peace,” the group says.

Twitter Feed of Thomson Reuters Is Latest Victim of Syrian Hackers

Another major media company sees its Twitter feed targeted.

Syrian Electronic Army Leaves Its Mark on the Financial Times

Another western media organization is attacked by the pro-Assad group of digital pranksters.

Syria’s Internet Is Down for the Second Time This Month

The fourth blackout of its kind in recent memory.

Why The Onion Is Awesome for Publishing Details of Its Twitter Hack

Details of hacking attacks are too often kept secret.

Internet Coming Back to Syria

Syria Has Disappeared From the Internet