Nokia Smartphone Chief Jo Harlow on Why Carrier Exclusives Still Make Sense

While other flagship models like the iPhone, Galaxy S4 and HTC One are made available across multiple carriers, Nokia is taking a different approach in the U.S. market.

The Economics That Make T-Mobile’s Jump Program Possible — And Intriguing

So is T-Mobile’s new upgrade program a good deal for the carrier or the customer? Surprisingly, the answer may be yes, for both parties.

Acting FCC Chair: Regulate With a Light Touch, but Touch When Necessary

Mignon Clyburn said Tuesday that she wants to work to protect rural carriers and consumers while making sure that efforts to increase available spectrum remain on track.
Mignon Clyburn

Nokia’s Latest, the Aluminum-Clad Lumia 925, Heads for T-Mobile USA and Vodafone

At a London event, Nokia shows off another twist on the high-end Lumia 920.

T-Mobile Sold 500,000 iPhones in Less Than a Month, but Revenue Dipped 7 Percent Ahead of Launch

Adjusted earnings also fell ahead of the company’s acquisition of MetroPCS and its big shift away from phone subsidies.

T-Mobile CEO: iPhone on MetroPCS Possible, but Not Imminent

In the meantime, expect MetroPCS to aggressively expand to new cities this year.

As T-Mobile Swallows MetroPCS, It Must Avoid Indigestion

T-Mobile is expected to announce on Wednesday that it has completed the purchase, but much of the hard work remains.

T-Mobile Settles Claim That Its No-Strings Plans Have Too Many Strings

Washington state alleged that T-Mobile wasn’t being upfront with customers about their obligations to fully pay off a phone before canceling service.

Deutsche Telekom Sweetens T-Mobile’s Bid for MetroPCS

In what it dubbed its “best and final offer” for MetroPCS, Deutsche Telekom reduced the loans that it would be owed by $3.8 billion.


T-Mobile Nears Improved Offer for MetroPCS

Deutsche Telekom AG is reviewing a sweeter bid for U.S. wireless carrier MetroPCS Communications Inc., people familiar with the matter said. The company is likely to improve the terms and could announce them as early as Wednesday, one of the people said.