Google Misses Second Quarter Earnings, as Motorola Starts Assembling Phones in Texas

Google had earnings of $9.56 per share on net revenue of $11.1 billion in the second quarter, below analyst expectations of $10.80 per share on net revenue of $11.4 billion.

Aiming for “Functional Coherence,” Mulling a Different P&L and With Advice From Ford CEO, Microsoft Restructuring Set for Thursday

Get ready for the rumble — and you know Steve Ballmer loves to rumble.

IBM to Acquire Cloud Services Company SoftLayer

Still not buying Rackspace.

After Zynga Confirms 18 Percent Layoffs, It Lowers Guidance in All-In Mobile Move

More tough choices for the troubled gaming company.

Zynga to Lay Off 520 Employees — 18 Percent of Staff — and Shutter New York and LA Offices in Refocus on Mobile

Right-sizing the gaming giant for the mobile market.

Motorola’s Dennis Woodside and Regina Dugan: The Full D11 Interview (Video)

First up from the company is the Moto X, a made-in-the-USA Android phone, with long-term efforts focused on finally banishing the password and more.

Moto X Coming Out by October; It’s All About Sensors and Will Be Built in Texas (Video)

It will be the first smartphone built in the U.S.

Apple’s Made-in-USA Mac Will Be Built in Texas

Designed by Apple in California, assembled in Texas …

Google Fiber Is Coming to Austin, Eventually

Keep Austin Wired.

Google Plans to Announce Something in Austin Next Week

Maybe Google Fiber, maybe not.

17 Things About Nirav Tolia

Apple’s Getting Bigger in Texas