Bulk-SMS App Maker Bazuc Responds to Lookout’s Claims, Says Consumers Should Pay Attention to Risks

The man behind Bazuc acknowledges that there are risks to his app, which offers to pay users to send text messages through their account.

How Too Many SMS Messages Can Shut Down Your Nexus Phone

A special kind of text message sent in large numbers amounts to a denial-of-service attack on Google Nexus phones.

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Verizon’s new messaging service works with Android phones and tablets and iPads as well as PCs.

Mysms, Evernote Team Up on Text Message Archiving Service

A new partnership between Mysms and Evernote allows you to view your text messages on any Web-connected device.

Pirq Snaps Up $1.2 Million for Low-Tech Loyalty Program

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Some Tips for Staying in Touch During Hurricane Sandy

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Email Turns 30

There are over 3.375 billion email accounts worldwide, with nearly 145 billion email messages sent each day.

Samsung Gets Its ChatON

Most Top Banks Have an App for That