Chegg Set to Go Public Tomorrow in Next Post-Twitter Tech IPO

Which came first: The chicken or Wall Street investors?

In Major Expansion, Kno Adds K-12 to Digital Education Platform (Video)

Tired of kids carrying home a backpack full of heavy books? Kno knows their pain.

News Byte

Amazon to Chegg, BookRenter: Nice Knowin Ya …

Amazon’s Kindle textbook rental service now has a dead-tree counterpart. The retailer on Monday began offering rentals through its textbook store. Titles are offered for rental in 130 day increments with an allowance for a single 15-day extension. Pricing seems to fall in the $30-$60 range, with Amazon picking up the cost of return shipping and claiming an overall savings for students of up to 70 percent. Tough break for textbook rental services Chegg and BookRenter, which must now go head to head with a behemoth of a competitor.

Vaunted Yahoo Techie Departs for Microsoft (Surprised? Me Neither.)

Raghu Ramakrishnan has left the purple building.

Start-Up Slader Looks to Solve the Math Homework Problem

Slader, a quiet New York-based education start-up, is picking away at what the school-attending population would probably list as the biggest pain point in their young lives: Homework.

Former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt Joins Kno Board

The online education start-up grabs a new director.

Chegg Buys Zinch in Another Move Toward a “Social Education Platform”

The online textbook rental is on a hiring spree to expand its student-aimed business all year round. The latest move: Acquiring Zinch, which links high school students with college recruiters.

My Picks for Yahoo’s Next CEO — Maybe Snoop Dogg, Ya Digg?

While the Yahoo board has yet to begin a search, I have already been hard at work on selecting the next CEO.

Kno Taking Electronic Textbooks to Web, Facebook

The company, which once aspired to make education-oriented tablets, is now expanding its iPad software with the ability to automatically create quizzes and create digital notes.

Intel Capital, Condé Nast Owner Invest $30 Million in Kno; Intel to Consult on Student Tablet Hardware

According to sources close to the situation, Intel Capital and Advance Publications will lead a $30 million investment round in Kno, the high-profile student tablet start-up. In addition to the funding from its venture capital ark, Intel itself will license the hardware design of Kno, which will now focus on its software to manage the devices that are aimed at the college market.

Exclusive: Chegg Buys Cramster

Full D8 Demo Video: Kno