Netflix Doesn’t Have the Market Cornered on Binge TV: Zombies + Walter White Help AMC Win the Fall VOD War

You have to work (relatively) hard to get video on demand out of your pay-TV provider. But lots of you are doing it.

Simulmedia’s Investors Bet $25 Million More on Smart TV Ads (Video)

Web video ads are interesting, but TV ads are huge. Guess which market Dave Morgan is interested in?

Surprise! You’re Watching More TV Than Ever.

Live TV is down, but on-demand is way up. At this rate, the Death of TV is going to take awhile.


Hollywood Presses Anti-Piracy Trade Measures With Obama

Entertainment executives meeting privately with President Barack Obama Tuesday asked him to ensure copyright protections are enshrined in new trade agreements and help facilitate better relations between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Time Inc.’s Closed-Wallet Strategy

The world’s biggest publisher spent three years without making a major acquisition. Related: The world’s biggest publisher has had three CEOs in the the last three years.

Google Tries Rebooting Its Flipboard Clone, and Starts Selling the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal

Remember Google “Currents”? No? Exactly. But Google is still trying to make a social newsreader app work.

Apple TV Adds Yahoo, PBS

Apple’s Web TV box gets a little bit bigger.

Time Inc. Limps Toward a Spring Spinout

The world’s biggest magazine publisher still makes a lot of money. But it’s shrinking every quarter. Tough sell for a Q2 spinout.

Dear Internet: You Still Can’t Get HBO Without Paying for Cable

Actually, you can, but the cable guys make it pretty hard. And that’s not what Comcast is selling, anyway.

Facebook Reminds Media Companies: We Still Really, Really Like You

And if you post more stuff on our site, we’ll send you a lot more traffic. A ton of traffic, actually. Ask BuzzFeed!

Facebook Tries Another Twitter-Like Move