Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog, Calls a Facebook Employee “Mom”

Boo’s owner, unmasked!

Here’s How Microsoft Is Adding Voice Control and Gestures to the Xbox (Video)

Michael Suraci, Xbox’s director of marketing, demonstrates the new features, which will roll out in a massive free software update, available Tuesday.

Trying Out a Revamped Myspace

Katie reviews the revamped Myspace, with its focus on topics in popular culture, including television, music, movies, celebrities and comedy.

Viral Video: Miley Cyrus Just Says No (Sort Of)

Here’s a skit from “Saturday Night Live” this past week that makes fun of the controversy over what former Disney star Miley Cyrus was smoking from a bong, seen in a video that recently rocketed around the Internet.

What If WikiLeaks Had a Sense of Humor?

Then perhaps it would be sending out communiques like this one, which aired on last night’s “Saturday Night Live.” Don’t touch my Angry Birds!

Site Builder Wetpaint Makes One for Itself Using the Demand Media Playbook

Do we really need another pop-culture site? Sure, says Wetpaint CEO Ben Elowitz. His pitch: We’ll build a better mousetrap–one that covers every flickering detail about the likes of “Glee” and “The Jersey Shore”–using “data and science.”

Weekend Update 12.26.09–The Suessical Edition

You’d never believe it, you never would know, that Christmas had come, at least not by the snow. All the geeks in the Valley were typing away, forced to take a short breather on this year’s Christmas day. So read on for info, this update, dear friends, as Christmas is over and a new year begins.

TMZ Sports? Why Not?

Is TMZ looking to branch into sports? It’s already there. But a spinoff makes plenty of sense.

Ford to Enable Wi-Fi Hotspots in Some Cars: BoomTown Rejoices

Last week, when BoomTown was taking a taxi from JFK Airport, I was more of a geek loser than usual, using my USB broadband modem to connect and write a post. But the jostling cut off the connection several times, which was frustrating. Now comes news that Ford will make the next generation of its Sync-enabled vehicles into Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing you to connect to the Internet everywhere much more seamlessly in a moving car. Oh, joy! Now, I can obsessively Gowalla myself while moving at 80 miles per hour, which should freak some people out.

Turnabout Is Fair Play: BoomTown Decodes Rupe's Journalism-Is-Not-a-Free-Cow Op-Ed!

Last week, BoomTown translated an opinion piece written by Google CEO Eric Schmidt and published in The Wall Street Journal that focused on defending the search giant from criticism that it was, well, killing journalism. One of the louder critics, in fact, has been Rupert Murdoch, chairman and CEO of News Corp., who has leveled a series of high-profile verbal attacks on Google. Last week, Murdoch published his own piece in The Journal, in which Google was never mentioned by name. So in the interest of equal-opportunity balloon-pricking, I must also render Murdoch’s post through my decoding machine, because it’s only sporting!

Celeb Editor Bonnie Fuller Speaks!

MicroHoo: Jesus Is Coming, Look Busy

Kara Visits TMZ: The TV Show!