Atheer and Meta Want You to Touch Your Apps in Midair

Reach out and touch something.

Google Settles Its Touchy Legal Issues With Immersion

Google agrees to license Immersion’s haptic feedback technology for use in its smartphones.

Reed Hastings on Microsoft: Watch Windows 8, Not Surface

The Netflix CEO is stepping down from the Microsoft board this month. Here’s his clear-eyed look at what the company is up against: “They see the threat.”

As Fantasy Football Servers Fumble on Game Day, Yahoo Rolls Out More Homepage Tests Ahead of December Launch

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” — Vince Lombardi

Flip, Slide and Touch: New Machines for a New OS

Katie on the new touch-enabled devices that are designed to run Windows 8.

MSN Gets Major Refresh With Windows 8

The “ground up” redo is coming at the end of October.

Interview: Multitouch Pioneer Jeff Han on Why He Sold His Company to Microsoft

Speaking with AllThingsD, Han says the move will allow his vision to happen more quickly and broadly than would have been possible by going it alone.

Microsoft Scoops Up Perceptive Pixel, the Start-Up Launched by Multitouch Pioneer Jeff Han

That’s the company best known for making the giant touchscreen computer used by CNN.

Searching for a Mighty Mouse? Here Are Three Options.

Wireless, touch-friendly mice from Microsoft, Logitech and Hewlett-Packard.

Tablets That Have a Certain Feel to Them

Even if many tablets look alike, they could soon feel very different, thanks to advances in the field known as haptics.

Apple’s iPhone 4S Event in Photos

Palm, Qualcomm Chiefs Weigh Wireless Future