Pinterest Wins $7.2M and Injunction Against Cybersquatter

Next time you type, or, you’ll get to

On Chrome Web Store, Real Games Mix With Mario Knockoffs

It’s-a-not-me, Mario! Mamma mia.

Path Doesn’t Want Pinterest to Trademark Its Logo Lookalike “P”

Pinterest? Path? Phillies?

T-Mobile Sees Red, Sues AT&T Subsidiary Over Magenta Infringement

T-Mobile says AT&T’s Aio Wireless is trying to confuse customers by using a shade too close to the company’s signature color.

Instagram to App Developers: Hands Off Our Brand, Y’All

It’s a public image thing (so to speak).

Apple Quits Fighting Amazon Over “App Store”

“We no longer see a need to pursue our case against Amazon.”


Apple Applies for “iWatch” Trademark in Japan

Apple Inc. has filed a trademark application for “iWatch” in Japan, fueling speculation that the U.S. company may be preparing to introduce a new watch-like device.

Oracle Obtains Judgment in Gray Market Case

Don’t mess with Larry.

App Store Judge Tells Apple and Amazon to Get a Conference Room

A court-ordered attempt at resolution before the courtroom battle begins in earnest.

Cisco Sued for Trademark Infringement Over Marketing Slogan

Tomorrow Starts Where?

Beatles’ Apple Now Apple’s Apple

Proview Loses Bid to Ban iPad in Shanghai