It’s a Jack World After All: Disney Names Dorsey to Board

When you wish upon a tech star … (I couldn’t resist, Iger!)

Twitter Tells Hashtag Tale of #IranTalks

It’s yet another moment to reflect on how these times are changing, even for the slow-moving diplomatic world.

Syrian Electronic Army Targets President Obama in Latest Hack

Secure those passwords, people.

Viral Video: Colbert on How Jesus Was the First Tweeter

Actually, he did have a way with very few words.

Carrot Flop: Twitter CEO Costolo Finds Lack of Woman on Board Is No Joking Matter

Two men fight over women, of course.

File Under #Finally: Twitter Unveils $1 Billion IPO, Showing Growing Revenue but No Profits

Not even a government shutdown could stop Twitter from its appointed public offering.

Twitter Files for IPO

In 140 characters, no less.


SEC Clears Way for Entrepreneurs to Tweet, Blog About Unregistered Shares

Business owners are planning marketing blitzes after the SEC action on unregistered shares.

As Egypt Erupts in Political Tumult, Twitter Translates High-Profile Tweeters

Twitter’s translation experiment continues as the Middle East undergoes major political upheavals.

Keeping Up With Sandy on Twitter