Lenovo’s Bendy Yoga 2 Laptop Makes All the Right Moves

Last year’s flip-friendly Yoga felt like a PC gimmick. This time around, the Yoga 2 has gone legit.
The Yoga 2 in "tent" mode.

Sony’s Vaio Pro 13 Takes on MacBook Air, and Mostly Delivers

The Sony Vaio Pro 13 is a great Ultrabook for Windows users, but overall, the MacBook Air is better.

Flip, Slide and Touch: New Machines for a New OS

Katie on the new touch-enabled devices that are designed to run Windows 8.

Consumers: Wait, What’s an Ultrabook?

IHS halves its 2012 Ultrabook shipment forecast, saying the ultrathin laptops havent yet won over consumers.

Toshiba’s Widescreen Ultrabook: Good for Movies, Multitasking

Toshiba’s U845W laptop has an ultra-wide screen that sets it apart from the Ultrabook pack.

Ultrabooks Still Racking Up Infra Sales

It has been nearly a year since Ultrabooks debuted, and still their sales fail to impress. Could it be those lofty prices?

Intel Teases Tech for Using Laptop to Wirelessly Charge a Phone

The chipmaker promises future Ultrabooks will be able to charge a smartphone just by putting it an inch away from the computer.

Sony’s First Ultrabook Targets the Budget-Conscious

If the high-end features of Sony’s first Ultrabook don’t grab your attention, its affordability might.

Dell Boosts Battery Life in Newest Ultrabook, the XPS 14

Dell’s successor to its XPS 13 Ultrabook boasts some premium features and a longer-lasting battery.

Acer Aspire S5, “World’s Thinnest” Ultrabook, Launching in Late June

Acer’s super-thin Ultrabook launches later this month, but it’ll cost you.

Microsoft Office on iPad