How Can You Miss Us if We Won’t Go Away? Paczkowski and Swisher Highlights From AllThingsD.

And so it goes in Silicon Valley.

Despite Its Reputation for Referring Traffic, Pinterest Is Blocking All Sorts of Links

Though Pinterest is much-loved as a referrer of traffic, the site has actually taken steps to block brands and marketers from measuring click-throughs.

Google’s Andy Rubin Gives a Flash of Tablet Future

Taking the stage to kick off D: Dive into Mobile, Google’s Andy Rubin gave a glimpse of Android 3.0 running on a prototype Motorola tablet. That was the icing on a pastry-laden talk filled with Gingerbread, Froyo and Honeycomb.

Would Facebook + Email = Gmail + Google Me?

Facebook this Monday is reportedly set to announce a “full-fledged webmail client” with integration of Microsoft Office Web Apps at a press event the company is holding in San Francisco.

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Google Tightens Its Privacy Practices

Acknowledging that its Street View cars inadvertently gathered not just fragmentary data from open Wi-Fi networks, but some URLs, passwords and entire emails as well, Google today again apologized and said it was implementing more rigorous internal privacy practices. The measures include the appointment of Alma Whitten to oversee privacy issues across both engineering and product management, enhanced privacy training for employees and mandatory documentation and auditing of privacy design for all initiatives.

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Sure, that “.ly” country-code domain lends itself to some catchy product names, most notably URL shortening services like and But the wisdom of building a service on a government-controlled domain has always been debatable, and doubly so when that government is Libya’s. Just ask Ben Metcalfe and Violet Blue, whose year-old, “adult friendly” link-shortening service was abruptly shut down because a lot of those links pointed to content that violated Islamic law. Libyan Net authorities said they had no problem with general-use shorteners, but the folks might want to study up on Sharia just in case.

FML! New York City Subway Managers Show Remarkable Web Savvy.

If you’re one of the people who got a giggle out of the signage at the 14th Street stop, you’re out of luck–turns out the folks who run New York City Transit use the Web, too.

Turning a Web Page Into a Keeper

A free browser tool lets users store a Web page’s content even if later the information is no longer retrievable.

Betaworks Gets Another $20 Million for Twitter-Friendly Start-Ups. Building a Mountain or Digging a Hole?

Do you like Twitter’s chances? Then you’ll like Betaworks, a holding company that builds and invests in the Twitter ecosystem. CEO John Borthwick explains what it plans to do with the $20 million it just raised from the likes of Intel, the New York Times and AOL.

New Way to Flit from Store to Store

As the home base for a Web search, makes online shopping feel more like a day at the mall.

Google Betas Chrome for Mac, Linux

2010: Year of the Palm?

Is Google Making Us Stupid? … Obviously.