My Bitcoin Bummer — World’s Virtual Currency Plummets in Price (Again)

My one bitcoin is less pretty than it was last week.

Yves Behar’s “Smart” Lock Startup August Raises $8 Million

Open sez-VCs.


For Virtual Prospectors, Life in the Bitcoin Mines Gets Real

Temperatures and electric bills rise as enthusiasts hunt for Web currency.

Oculus Rift Shakes Up Gaming With Virtual-Reality Headset

Can gadgets like Oculus Rift breathe new life into gaming hardware?

Facebook Gift Event Also Gets Blown Out of NYC by Hurricane Sandy

An early lump of coal, courtesy of Frankenstorm.

Boxes and a Bar: OnLive Employees Pack Up After Cloud Gaming Company Obfuscates About Fate (Photos)

For the record: Obfuscate means to render obscure, unclear or unintelligible.

Building Houses and Cities Online, With a Social Twist

New Facebook-friendly SimCity makes city-building social; The Ville lets you design a virtual house.

Exclusive: Facebook CTO Bret Taylor Departs (For Start-Ups Unknown)

A top-level departure at the social networking giant, especially in the wake of continued intense media and investor scrutiny over its rocky IPO last month.

Exclusive: Pinterest Closes New $27M Round With Andreessen Horowitz Valuing Start-Up at $200M

That’ll buy a lot of digital pushpins.

Xbox Live Adds PayPal to its Payments Options. Is PlayStation Next?

The addition of PayPal to Xbox brings into question whether Sony will be next after last month attacked Sony’s PlayStation Network and obtained personal information about its users.

PopCap Games Ready for IPO in 2011