Beyond Monkey Boy: It’s a Steve Ballmer Quote-Tacular!

The wit and wisdom of Microsoft’s outgoing CEO.

When an iPad Isn’t Enough

Walt answers a reader’s question on finding a tablet that acts more like a laptop.

Now Appearing @ D9: Microsoft’s Windows President Steven Sinofsky

Microsoft’s Windows kingpin Steven Sinofsky will be onstage at D9 next week to talk about the future of the flagship franchise in the era of all kinds of new devices and the cloud. Get ready for him and a range of other top tech and media speakers, all coming to the famous red hot seat at the ninth D: All Things Digital conference.

In 4G Race, Verizon Pulls Ahead With Pricey Speed

Verizon Wireless’s new 4G network is “wicked fast” but potentially costly, writes Walt.

Verizon’s 4G Network Is Windows-Only, for Now

Those who want to be among the first to rule the air on Verizon Wireless’s new 4G network better have a Windows PC handy. Verizon had already made clear that, for the rest of this year at least, the company will have only laptop cards and that 4G smartphones wouldn’t come until next year. However, it looks like Mac users will also have to wait–at least a little while.

Win7 Win: Microsoft Recovers From Vista Stumble

A year after it first shipped, Windows 7 continues to be the commercial success that Windows Vista never was. Microsoft boasted today that it’s sold (or rather sold and pre-installed) more than 240 million Windows 7 licenses to date, making it the fastest-selling OS ever.

Video Calling on the iPhone 4, Windows 7 Upgrade and Android Apps

Walt answers readers’ questions on a Windows 7 upgrade, the iPhone 4’s FaceTime video-calling feature and Android apps.

Microsoft Totally Going to Make Things Happen in Tablets

Microsoft–which foresaw the tablet PC, but failed to commercialize it–has a lot to prove in the market currently dominated by Apple’s iPad, and every intention of proving it. Bringing Windows-based slates to market “is job one urgency around here,” said CEO Steve Ballmer at the company’s Financial Analyst Meeting Thursday.

Liveblogging Microsoft's Financial Analyst Meeting (Morning Session): It's a Beautiful Day?

BoomTown took the corporate All Things Digital jet–aka Virgin America, seat 10A–up to Redmond, Wash., today to attend Microsoft’s annual Financial Analyst Meeting, which also includes a passel of media drones like me. I liveblogged the event all day, which was essentially a cavalcade of top execs from the software giant taking the stage and showing off their wares. Before it started, U2’s “Beautiful Day” was playing over the sound system, which it was not up here in the Pacific Northwest this morning–it was kind of cold and gloomy, a la “Twilight”–but hopefully sparkly for Microsoft execs.

Streaming Video to a TV

Walt answers readers’ questions on streaming Netflix movies to a TV without a PC, buying a a PC good for word processing, and more.

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