Vonage to Acquire Vocalocity for $130 Million

Vonage has agreed to acquire voice-over-Internet-protocol company Vocalocity for $130 million.

Exclusive: Vonage CEO on His Company’s New iPhone and Android Apps

CEO Marc Lefar outlines Vonage Mobile, the company’s effort to get a bigger piece of the mobile calling and texting market.

Vonage Aims to Turn iPhone Into an International Pay Phone

Time to Call is an iPhone app that lets users make international calls of up to 15 minutes for a flat rate, with the cost billed as an in-app purchase.

Vonage Aims to Extend Mobile Calling Efforts

The company introduces Vonage Extensions, which allows those using their Internet-based home phone system to also make calls on their mobile phone.

magicJack: Cheap, Way Overhyped, But Really Works

Walt reviews magicJack, an Internet-based device for making phone calls from a computer.

Ad Giant Publicis Tells Publishers to Throw Bodies at the Fake Web Ads Problem

Last month, the New York Times was attacked by hackers who bought fake Web ads from the publisher. And one of the world’s biggest ad companies says that won’t be the last assault. But the solution runs counter to industry trends.

Unlike Google Voice, Vonage Now Available on iPhone

Apple seems to have gotten over its aversion to apps duplicating core iPhone functions. This morning, Internet telephony company Vonage released an app that allows iPhone users to make calls over Wi-Fi and AT&T’s voice network.

Weekend Update 9.19.09–The Real World, Silicon Valley Edition

Geekfighting may never become its own UFC event, but following tech news this week seemed, in places, like a view to a big, well-funded cage match.


AT&T Buy Vonage? Get Serious.

In the latest, weirdest twist to the crazy trading in Vonage, there apparently are rumors that the company could be acquired by AT&T. That just might be the dumbest rumor I’ve ever heard. For starters, AT&T a few years ago started its own voice over IP service called CallVantage–but quietly shut down the service earlier this year.


Vonage Says Apple Okays iPhone App

Vonage shares are skyrocketing after hours following the company’s announcement that Apple has approved its mobile application for iPhone and iPod.

Vonage Churning Subscribers, Stomachs

Vonage Posts a Profit–On Paper

Vonage Q3 Patent Settlements Widen

Bon Vonage …

Vonage: Boo-hoo, Boo-hoo-hoo