Why Is Google Putting Money Into a Music Label?

It’s a small-money deal for Google — and YouTube — which already has a huge presence in music. What’s the upside?
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Music Sales Slump Again

Don’t blame Spotify or Pandora. But you might want to show this article to the folks at SoftBank and Vivendi.

Why Google Thinks Two Music Subscription Services Are Better Than None

Only a Googler could explain why Android and YouTube are talking about launching separate music services. But we can guess.

Pakistan Unblocks and Reblocks YouTube, Just Long Enough to Watch “One Pound Fish”

Among many reasons to want to watch videos on YouTube, one of the most pressing in Pakistan was to see the viral sensation Muhammad Shahid Nazir.

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Spotify Competitor Deezer Raises Big Round

Deezer, the Spotify-like streaming music service that is big in France, has raised a reported $130 million in a round led by Warner Music Group owner Access Industries. Of that, $30 million will supposedly be used to buy out existing shareholders. Earlier this week Deezer invited press to an October 10 event where it said it would reveal “details of a major new funding investment.”

Neil Young Still Singing the Praises of Better Quality Digital Music

Young’s project, Pono, will have a line of digital music players and a download service sometime early next year, according to a new report.

The Spotify Effect Shows Up: Streaming Music Boosts Warner’s Bottom Line

Good news for the music labels, who have been waiting for a new digital revenue source to materialize.

Turntable.fm Gets Its Label Deals Done

Its U.S. deals, that is. Next step: Getting its mojo back.

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Yet Another New Digital Music Service, But This One’s for Pros

Here’s an online music service you are very unlikely to use: GreenLight Music, a Web-based music-licensing exchange run by Corbis, the Seattle-based company best known for its photo-licensing operations. GreenLight is designed to let professional users, like commercial producers, quickly clear the rights to songs owned by big labels like Sony, Warner Music and EMI. GreenLight will take a fee ranging from 10 to 20 percent of each transaction.

Stunning News: Music Industry Acts Rationally