Buying a Videogame Console on Black Friday? Here’s What You Need to Know.

A buyer’s guide to the deals you can get — and the differences among the game consoles — for anyone partaking in America’s consumerist holiday.


Nintendo Posts Operating Loss

Nintendo Co. racked up an operating loss in the fiscal first half on weak sales of its Wii U videogame consoles, stepping up pressure for a major overhaul in strategy.

Nintendo Confirms It Will Keep Selling the Original Wii in U.S., Despite Discontinuation in Japan

Seven years later, Wii would still like to play.

Don’t Look Now, but the Second Screen Is About to Invade Videogames’ Next Generation

A big-picture look at the small screen’s future with consoles.
vita remote play-feature

On Chrome Web Store, Real Games Mix With Mario Knockoffs

It’s-a-not-me, Mario! Mamma mia.

Nintendo Lowers Wii U Price to $300, Takes the “3D” Out of 3DS With New 2DS Model

Nintendo’s 3DS handheld device was just ranked the top-selling game system in the U.S. Now the company is introducing a cheaper one.

Disney Infinity Crosses the Platforms: Toy Box Mode Will Work Across Four Consoles and the iPad

The buzzed-about game’s mobile strategy explained.

Digi-Capital: Mobile Games Still Growing, but Lots of Investors Ran Away Post-Zynga

A trickle of those investment dollars came back this year, though.

Are Mobile Games Ever Going to Get Serious — And Do They Need To?

A cluster of new mobile games is looking for the core audience.

Nintendo’s Iwata Blames Slow Wii U Sales on Software Gaps, Says Mobile Isn’t Impacting Industry

And if you ever dreamed of playing Super Mario Bros. on the iPhone, you’re still out of luck.

Wii U Sales Still Lousy