Nokia Grows Its Share of Windows Phone Market, but That Market May Not Be Growing Fast Enough

Despite large percentage gains, Windows Phone still isn’t making the kind of impact needed to satisfy the global ambitions of either Nokia or Microsoft.

Nokia Aims to Give Its Lumia Line a Little More Polish

Nail polish, that is. Nokia is pairing its pink Lumia 900 with a matching varnish from posh makeup firm Duality Cosmetics.

RIM Is Bleeding Developers

A smaller but increasingly loyal developer base for BlackBerry 10? Well, that’s something!

Will Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Move Put Nokia’s Current Business on Ice?

Already struggling in its transition to Windows-based smartphones, Nokia now has to deal with the fact that current phones can’t be upgraded to the next version of Windows Phone.

First Windows Phone 8 Devices Coming From Nokia, Huawei, HTC and Samsung

Microsoft didn’t show off any actual Windows Phone 8 hardware on Wednesday, but it did announce who will be the first device makers using the software.

Windows Phone 8 Won’t Work on Existing Phones

But existing phone owners aren’t totally being left in the cold. A smaller update for current devices will add the new Start screen shown off on Wednesday.

What We Just Learned About Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s next phone OS will have a built-in digital wallet, improved multitasking, support for multicore processors and new screen sizes, in addition to its new Windows NT core.

Windows Phone “Apollo” Comes in for a Landing

Windows Phone 8 brings the underpinnings of desktop Windows onto a phone for the first time.

Microsoft’s Phone Efforts Move Into the Spotlight Wednesday

Microsoft is set to detail Apollo, the next version of Windows Phone, which moves the phone operating system much closer to the one that powers Windows desktops and laptops.

As Apple, Google and Microsoft Kick Off Developer Events, Momentum Still With the iPhone

As all the major operating systems make their case to developers this month, new research shows the majority of mobile projects continue to be focused on Apple’s iOS.

IDC Sees Windows Phone Grabbing Share From iOS, Android

Microsoft’s mobile operating system is seen as having nearly 20 percent share by 2016, just ahead of Apple’s iOS, according to IDC’s latest quarterly forecast.