Verizon’s LTE Map Is Nearly Complete, but All Four Major Carriers Are Starting to Fill in the Dots

These days, the coverage picture is different than the one painted by Verizon’s ads.


Google’s Moto G Skating on Thin Margins

The Journal has a “teardown” analysis of Google’s new Moto G smartphone, and the results may not be good news for Apple or Samsung.

T-Mobile Taps MetroPCS’ Spectrum to Boost LTE Network Speeds

The No. 4 U.S. carrier is using airwaves from its recent MetroPCS acquisition to boost its top network speeds. First up was North Dallas, where the higher speeds kicked in just before Thanksgiving.

Broadcom Co-Founder Sees Peace Coming to Warring Wireless-Charging Factions in 2014

In an interview, Broadcom’s Henry Samueli tells AllThingsD that the competing standards efforts will merge into one approach, likely sometime next year.

Dish’s Charlie Ergen Looks Assured of More Spectrum as No Other Big Names Enter Auction

The absence of a big-name bidder to rival Ergen seemed a likely outcome after Sprint announced last month that it wouldn’t bid on the so-called H Block of spectrum.

New FCC Boss Tom Wheeler Says He Represents the People, Not the Tech Industry (Interview)

The new FCC head addresses worries that his days as a cable- and wireless-industry lobbyist would make him more interested in industry concerns than in fighting for consumers’ rights.

iPad Air Has Spendier Display, Costs Less to Make Than Earlier Models

The latest teardown report by research firm IHS shows where Apple is spending more, and less, on its new device.

BlackBerry’s Thorsten Heins Stands to Make Up to $22 Million Upon Exit

Not the payout he was looking for, but still respectable.

BlackBerry Shares Crash on Word of Buyout Bid Failure

Share price approaching danger zone.

Rockstar Patent Consortium Sues Google, and Practically Everyone Making Android Phones

The patent wars just got a lot more complicated.

A New Touch for iPhone