After Zynga Confirms 18 Percent Layoffs, It Lowers Guidance in All-In Mobile Move

More tough choices for the troubled gaming company.

Zynga to Lay Off 520 Employees — 18 Percent of Staff — and Shutter New York and LA Offices in Refocus on Mobile

Right-sizing the gaming giant for the mobile market.

Outbox: Yahoo Mail Head Sharma Leaves Company

Signed, sealed, delivered, he’s gone.

Here's Carol Bartz's Internal Layoff Memo to Beleaguered Yahoo Troops

It’s Yahoo, it’s BoomTown and so it’s an internal email memo from CEO Carol Bartz to staff about the employee layoffs at the Silicon Valley Internet giant yesterday. Said Bartz after the firing of four percent of the workforce of the Silicon Valley Internet giant: “You’ve heard me say before that I didn’t come to cut Yahoo! to greatness. That’s still true.”

Nokia Stops Christmas From Coming

A colder, more brutal winter than usual for Nokia’s Finnish workforce. The company is sacking 800 employees in its home market.

U.S. Tech Job Growth Was Strongest in…Oklahoma City?

The TechAmerica Foundation’s annual Cybercities report covering the state of America’s local technology job markets for 2009 (the most recent data available) paints–as you might expect–a depressing picture in all but a few of the markets surveyed.

Adding Insult to Injury: Yahoo Is Prepping Layoffs, but Limited to Product Group and More Like 10 Percent

Yahoo is indeed preparing to lay off employees, in a reduction in force that will be done in December. But the layoffs, first reported in TechCrunch, will be closer to 10 percent and be almost completely centered on the product organization under Chief Product Officer Blake Irving, said sources close to the situation.


In Defense of Standards, Ethics, and Honest Financial Reporting at Hewlett-Packard

Recently, my old company Hewlett-Packard has been in the news–and not in a good way. I’ve been watching the coverage from the sidelines up to this point, but felt increasingly compelled to join the conversation and share my point of view. So here goes.

Former Google China Head–and Now Start-up Whisperer–Kai-Fu Lee Talks Innovation (Works)

Last Friday, former Google China head Kai-Fu Lee dialed up BoomTown from that country for a chit-chat interview about his life since leaving the search giant one year ago and plunging into the world of incubation, recruiting and early-stage funding for start-ups there. Being president of Google’s China operations is far different from being CEO of Innovation Works, which just celebrated its first anniversary and, of course, is trying to create the next Google.

Can NewsLabs Give Laid-Off Journalists Another Chance?

So you used write for a newspaper and now you’re out of work? Odds are, you’re going to have to find something else to do. But some of you may be able to transform yourselves into one-person news factories, says NewsLabs’ Paul Biggar.

AOL Poaches Another Google Exec

Yammer Grabs $10 Million More in Funding

Netflix No iPad Early Adopter

Intel’s Q4 Blowout

Google Uncrates Chrome

AOL Layoff Package: You Stay, You Pay

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