Spy Game: NSA Said to Snoop on World of Warcraft

With all the revelations from Edward Snowden’s cache of documents, one might be left wondering, “What’s left that the NSA hasn’t been monitoring?”

Why the University of Washington Wants Its Surgeons to Play Videogames

Just hope your doctor isn’t Leeroy Jenkins.


Activision Warns on World of Warcraft

Despite a strong first quarter, Activision Blizzard Inc. said its cash cow World of Warcraft fantasy game is losing subscribers, and new videogame consoles may not lead to the sales growth some investors expect.

YouTube’s Next Live Star: You and Your Bros, Playing Call of Duty

Felix Baumgartner jumping out of a spaceship was cool. But live streams on YouTube will probably look a lot more like this.

Activision’s New High Score Includes Record Revenue and Profit in Q3

As expected, Activision blew expectations out of the water in the third quarter.

Kaboom! Activision Likely to Blow Away Third-Quarter Expectations.

The Call of Duty videogame publisher is expected to have another quarter of explosive growth.

What Eight Million Livestreams Really Means

YouTube can now deliver live TV to a global audience at the same scale as TV. But the future of live Web video is probably going to be niche, not mass.

Twitch Raises $15 Million to Be the YouTube of the Videogame World

Twitch has more than 20 million viewers who tune in every month to watch live footage of videogames being played.

EA Making Star Wars Game Free After Subscriptions Dip Below One Million

Play it, you will. For free.

Activision Starting to Take the Plastic Wrap off Its Mobile Strategy

Activision Blizzard is known for producing blockbuster hits like World of Warcraft. Now the videogame maker is gunning for much smaller screens, including smartphones and tablets.