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Visa Taps Samsung for NFC Payment Deal

Visa and Samsung are announcing a deal on Monday that will see future Samsung devices come ready out of the box to connect to the payment network.

visa ready

Samsung is among the initial partners for a broad Visa Ready program introduced last week. Under its deal with Visa, future Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible Samsung phones will come with Visa’s applet and pre-certified to work with its payment system. The devices will also be able to be provisioned for a specific customer over the air, Visa mobile chief Bill Gadja said in an interview last week.

Rather than viewing new payment technologies as a threat, Gadja said the Visa Ready program is a way to turn upstarts into potential allies rather than rivals.

In addition to the Samsung deal, Visa is also announcing a deal with point-of-sale hardware maker Roam.

BlackBerry said in January that its latest devices have also been certified by Visa.

The news comes just as MasterCard has announced a new payments platform called MasterPass, meant to streamline mobile payments options for both retailers and consumers.


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