Twitter Asks You How You Use Twitter While You Watch TV, While You’re Watching TV and Using Twitter

So it’s asking its users about their TV + Twitter habits. Again.
wall of tv

Happy Holidays! Facebook Stuffs More Ads in Its Stockings.

’Tis the season to increase your News Feed ad load. Did you notice? Wall Street has.
Facebook News Feed Event

Ads on Instagram Work Great, Says Instagram


Here’s What a Facebook Video Ad Looks Like

Facebook is calling them a “test.” Whatever you want to call them, you’re going to be seeing these in your feed soon.
facebook video ad

Viggle Tries to Bulk Up Its Social TV Business by Buying Wetpaint

The logic behind a $30 million deal: Viggle needs more users, and Wetpaint has 12 million readers and some interesting technology.

Simulmedia’s Investors Bet $25 Million More on Smart TV Ads (Video)

Web video ads are interesting, but TV ads are huge. Guess which market Dave Morgan is interested in?

Google Makes Its Own Social Ads, With a Twist

On Twitter and Facebook, marketers can turn “native” content into ads. Google is trying the same thing — with one big difference — with Google+.

Like This if You Like Pandas! Facebook Says Publishers Shouldn’t Fret About News Feed Changes.

The guy who runs Facebook’s most valuable real estate explains why the company just changed its rules.

As Twitter Grows Up, Its Users Don’t

Unlike most big social networks, Twitter didn’t start out by appealing to kids. They’re coming to it now, though. Is that enough to help it break through to the mainstream?

Twitter Wants to Know What You Watched on TV Last Night, So It’s Asking You What You Watched on TV Last Night

Just as important: What were you doing while you watched TV?
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App Advertisers TapCommerce Raise $10 Million

The Story of This Viral Video Will Blow Your Mind! (Please Tell Your Friends!)

The Idiot’s Guide to Valuing Snapchat

Netflix + YouTube = Half Your Broadband Diet

Even After a Small Swoon, Twitter Investors Are Incredibly Optimistic

Here’s How Much Twitter’s Top Dogs Are Worth This Morning

Ads Appear on Instagram, Just Like Instagram Said They Would

Facebook, Google Slow Their Startup Spending Spree

Twitter Prices Its IPO at a Conservative $11 Billion

Facebook Reminds Media Companies: We Still Really, Really Like You

Loved the Viral Video. Hated the Movie.