D7 Tech Demo: Pure Digital

Pure Digital demo at D7

During this demo, Pure Digital, maker of the Flip digital camcorder (which debuted at a previous D conference, incidentally), will launch its newest feature: personal “channels” that allow you to share videos with others, like friends and family. These channels can be viewed across various media devices: Mac, PC, iPhone and television sets. The feature also allows share-ees to watch the shared video on their own time or for all parties to schedule a shared viewing time.

Demo Highlights

Live Blog

  • Introduction: Walt and Kara welcome the Pure Digital guys, CEO Jonathan Kaplan and VP of Marketing Simon Fleming-Wood, to the stage. Hey, attendees all have a Flip MinoHD in their swag bag! Yay!
  • Kaplan: Starts demoing with his Flip. “We set out to make sharing easy and fun.” It’s still kind of hard to share, compared to uploading or emailing. Flip Channels is debuting in June.
  • This is a free service. Kaplan shows what the channel does: Create a channel, share it with a person or a group of people. You can receive those channels everywhere–computers, TVs. Nifty! Ooh, and we have our very own D7 channel
  • Kaplan: Tell me of your new shared video by any social-networking channel. The channel is a Web site: FlipShare.com. Kaplan plays a sample video, where several Boston Red Sox players say hi to Kara and Walt.
  • Kara: I’m kind of pissed you didn’t get the stars of “Gossip Girl” on that….
  • Kaplan demos FlipShare on the iPhone. Look! so many shiny channels. Even a D7 one. They show a live video they just took at the conference.
  • Theme of the moment: It’s so easy to make these channels.
  • Walt: How is that different from, say, YouTube channels?
  • Kaplan: Ease of use, mon ami, ease of use. You can decide who is/isn’t in your channel. More fancy permission-setting.
  • Fleming-Wood: See the thing is, it’s really easy to share with our channel. And it comes on the TV too. We’re making an app–whoops, box–for that. Living room access is what it’s about. He shows the Bosox video again with all the regretful players saying it was unfortunate they couldn’t make it to D7. Totally!
  • Kaplan: This could go wireless. Walt: How dangerous does this make Swisher? Audience Laughs.
  • They talk price and equipment. Walt and Kara thank Pure Digital.

Pure Digital Demo Photos

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Walt holds up a favorite of the AllThingsD.com staff, a Pure Digital Flip camera.

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