Cisco’s Flirtation With Consumers Is Over, as Belkin Buys Linksys Unit

Well, that’s enough of that!

Jonathan Kaplan Still Doesn’t Know Exactly Why Cisco Killed the Flip (Video)

Jonathan Kaplan still doesn’t know exactly why Cisco Systems opted to shut down its Flip Digital video camera unit rather than selling it. But he has a pretty good guess.

Fade to Black…This Is How It Ends for the Flip Digital Video Camera?

Cisco Systems always seemed a strange owner for Pure Digital, the company that made the Flip video camera. The biggest question left over from Cisco’s announcement that it will shut the Flip business down is this: Why didn’t Cisco try to sell it to someone else?

Video: After Cisco Sacrifices His Baby to the Gods of Wall Street, Flip Founder Jon Kaplan Speaks!

Right after BoomTown heard the sad news this morning that Cisco was jettisoning its Flip digital video camera division–part of a transparent effort to assure Wall Street that it was no longer serious about its wacky foray into the consumer market–I lobbed in a call to its founder Jonathan Kaplan to get him on video talking about the loss. The Flip, of course, has been my go-to tool to harass and annoy Silicon Valley moguls, since it appeared on the scene many years ago. The technique for the simple device was to essentially stick it up someone’s nose until they cried “Uncle!” and told me what I wanted to know.

Cisco Kills the Flip Video Camera Business

Cisco is shaking up its consumer business. First on the list of things to go? The Flip video camera.

Chambers Promises Changes at Cisco, But the Task Ahead Is a Big One

Cisco CEO John Chambers promises changes, but problems at the networking giant run deep.

News Byte

Cisco Consumer Unit Head Jonathan Kaplan to Leave

Cisco Systems announced that Jonathan Kaplan, SVP and GM of its consumer products unit and the former CEO of Pure Digital, the company behind the Flip line of digital video cameras, is leaving the company. The Consumer Business Group will now report to Marthin De Beer, who also heads the TelePresence and Emerging Technologies groups. The move comes a day after Cisco reported earnings that beat the expectations of analysts, but which included a disappointing forecast that sent Cisco shares down by more than 14 percent today.


Newest Video Bet By Disney's Steamboat Ventures Is Elemental

Steamboat Ventures Managing Director Scott Hilleboe admits that investing in video technologies is a bit frenzied these days. “The short-term horizon, it’s like the wild, wild west,” Hilleboe said. “The growth of online video is causing a land grab.”

Aliph in Collaboration Deal With Cisco–Jawbones in the Workplace?

Today at a partner event, Cisco will unveil a wide-ranging collaboration with Aliph–a San Francisco start-up that is famous for its noise-cancelling Jawbone Bluetooth mobile headset–to deploy its software and device in its IP phones in the enterprise. It is a big win for Aliph, since the networking giant is a dominant player in the arena to provide telephony solutions to businesses, part of its Voice and Unified Communications division. The idea, said sources, is to use the Jawbone device and the software that manages it to allow workers to move around an office and have the call move with them, echoing increasingly mobile consumer behavior.

Index Invests $25 Million in Sonos (Plus a Video Interview With VC Mike Volpi)

Earlier this week, BoomTown had lunch with Michelangelo “Mike” Volpi, the high-profile tech exec who turned into a VC recently at Index Ventures. We also did a video interview about his new life as a an investor, based in London, although Volpi did manage to leave out the big news. That would be a just-inked $25 million investment by Index in wireless home music system maker Sonos, as well as a new board seat there for Volpi.

Cisco Swallows Starent

Starent to Cisco: Hey, Big Spender

Pure Digital: The Full D7 Demo

D7 Video: Pure Digital Demo

D7 Tech Demo: Pure Digital