In Memoriam: Tech Products We Lost Too Soon

While many are offering their tech predictions for 2012, we thought we’d take a moment to remember those that have gone to the tech-product graveyard.

There’s Some Cheese in My Tech: Jonathan Kaplan’s The Melt Opens Its Doors

The first of Flip videocamera creator Jonathan Kaplan’s The Melt line of grilled cheese restaurants, first announced at this year’s D9 conference, will open in San Francisco on Tuesday.


Cisco’s Profit Drops 36 Percent

Cisco Systems Inc.’s fiscal fourth-quarter earnings fell 36 percent, though the decline wasn’t quite as steep excluding significant charges and severance costs from restructuring, as the networking giant’s weaker margin offset a modest revenue increase.

Here’s Why Sequoia Thinks Melt Is Worth Millions: The D9 Demo (Video)

In the fall of 2008, Sequoia Capital declared “RIP: Good Times.” Flash forward to present tense: Sequoia is now putting millions into The Melt, a new grilled cheese shop chain from former Flip CEO Jonathan Kaplan.

Digital Grilled Cheese D9 Poll Results Are In: “The Kara” Edges Out “The Walt”

Personally, I preferred “The Walt” over “The Kara.” But the attendees of the ninth D: All Things Digital conference seemed to like the grilled cheese sandwich made of “sharp” cheddar over more “experienced” gruyere, courtesy of a new start-up demo called Melt.

Jonathan Kaplan Still Doesn’t Know Exactly Why Cisco Killed the Flip (Video)

Jonathan Kaplan still doesn’t know exactly why Cisco Systems opted to shut down its Flip Digital video camera unit rather than selling it. But he has a pretty good guess.

Here’s The $10 Million Melted Cheese Store Everyone’s Talking About (Nope! Not a Joke!)

What do you do when Cisco buys your consumer product company and abruptly closes it down? If you are Jon Kaplan, creator of the popular and now discontinued Flip camera line, you make a lot of grilled cheese.

Video: After Cisco Sacrifices His Baby to the Gods of Wall Street, Flip Founder Jon Kaplan Speaks!

Right after BoomTown heard the sad news this morning that Cisco was jettisoning its Flip digital video camera division–part of a transparent effort to assure Wall Street that it was no longer serious about its wacky foray into the consumer market–I lobbed in a call to its founder Jonathan Kaplan to get him on video talking about the loss. The Flip, of course, has been my go-to tool to harass and annoy Silicon Valley moguls, since it appeared on the scene many years ago. The technique for the simple device was to essentially stick it up someone’s nose until they cried “Uncle!” and told me what I wanted to know.


Early Adopter: Smartphone Not Enough Like HAL? Satarii Wants to Give It an All-Seeing-Eye

Today, the mark of smartphone obsession is bringing one everywhere with you–to dinner, to bed, to funerals, to the altar at your wedding. If fledgling accessory maker Satarii has its way, the bar on obsession may be raised to having your phone follow you, even when you aren’t holding on to it.

Digital Cameras Improve Zooms, HD Function

Katie compares digital cameras for potential buyers as they begin their search for gifts during the holiday season.

New TechNet CEO Rey Ramsey Speaks!